The 2017 World Aerobatic Championship will take place in Malelane, South Africa from the 9th - 17th September 2017.

Training Package:

The WAC Organisers have decided to offer a complete training package in order to make things easier for competing teams, as finding a suitable airfield with fuel available, hangar and accommodation could have proved to be a challenge, especially as some aircraft are being shared.
We have therefore created four aerobatic boxes at two airfields (including the WAC site) these airfields are 5kms apart, the boxes will be available constantly and practice flights will be scheduled by the organisers. Should the four boxes prove insufficient a further satellite airfield close by will be used.

Included in the package are the following: -
a)    Fuel at no charge
b)    Oil at no charge
c)    Landing Fees
d)    Hangarage
e)    Transportation with drivers
f)    Accommodation at the Contest Hotel (single rooms)
g)    Breakfast & Dinner
At all times fuel will be available on demand regardless of which airfield is being utilised, it may be necessary to transfer aircraft at the end of the day to the main Malelane base for storage (two-minute flight).

The cost of the package is as follows: -
Euro 285 per training day for each competitor
Euro 150 per day for each non-flying Team Member

A discount will be available for those electing to share accommodation

This arrangement will benefit all concerned, it will simplify the procurement and dispensing of fuel, making technical assistance simpler, whilst giving everyone access to the contest performance zone on an equal basis.

Event Schedule: 9 September 2017. Arrivals, Judges Briefing and Opening Ceremony.

                        10 to 17 September 2017. Competition Flights.

                        17 September 2017. Public Display, Closing Ceremony.

                        18 September 2017. Departures.

Entry Fees:  Competitors. Payment by 1 July 2017 - Euro 1,700. Late payment - Euro 1,870.
                   Observers and team members. Payment by 1 July 2017 - Euro 1,200. Late payment - Euro 1,350


Accommodation: Competitors, Observers and Officials will be staying at Pestana Kruger Lodge.